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Our Courses
Our current list of core courses includes (but is not limited to):

Building Trust & Respect in Every Relationship

Trusting another person, even someone you know is difficult at best. Now imagine having to trust, and earn the trust of several people to contribute to your success. Trust is critical in the performance of every individual – every day. It takes attention, but the effort will have you falling back into the arms of your colleagues without even looking first.

Unraveling the Mystery of Group Dynamics

Effective groups have mastered the skills of communication, teamwork, involvement, and event planning that contribute to success. Across the globe, organizations are moving away from the lone worker being responsible for a certain task in favor of teams and work groups. You will learn the Seven Elements of Group Dynamics and learn effective ways to facilitate positive groups.

Sandbox 101: Authority & Control

We expend an enormous amount of energy trying to control the events that are occurring all around us. Having control is reported as the most powerful component of satisfaction and motivation, in or out of the workplace. On the contrary, lack of control leads to frustration and lack of motivation. This seminar will focus on shared control and its ability to increase overall satisfaction and motivation.

Going Outside the Lines: Setting and Exploring Team Boundaries

Boundaries can have an amazing power over us. They have traditionally been viewed as a negative thing, with the message being, "Here's what you cannot do." Today, it is critical to take a new look at boundaries and understand that it is more about broadening what you can do. The team environment brings with it a freedom and a call for discovery that is revolutionary. You will rediscover a spirit of exploration that may have been absent for quite some time.

Unlocking the Door to Clear Communication

When there is too much input to weed through, things can quickly become confusing and distracting. So it is with everyday communication. We teach you the key to cut through the distractions and master four basic tools that can make your communication clear, concise, focused, and effective.

Building & Maintaining High Performance Teams*

Being a high performer is an enviable state, and one that is hard to define. Studying high performance teams has provided insight into the characteristics of high performance and usually reveals that they have all the same, necessary characteristics. You will learn these characteristics and how to apply them to yourself and your team to become a part of the envied high-performing group!

Creating Common Purpose: How to Achieve Extraordinary Teamwork

A common purpose serves as your team's compass. Magnetized northward, it unifies your team, and sets the foundation for extraordinary accomplishments. Mastering the process of making goals and creating milestones will clearly let you, and the team, know if you're making progress...or even still heading in the right direction. Ready? Then get your compass, and let's start heading towards your team's success.

Making Meetings Work for You

Meetings make everyone groan. Some employees report spending 50% of their work-week in meetings. The cost of lost labor alone is in the billions. This unit will teach you how to plan and run highly effective team meetings. You will rise far above the petty problems that plague other meetings and start doing what meetings were designed to do – accomplish something!

The Conflict 180: Using Conflict to Foster Great Relationships

Conflicts create harmony. Stalemates boost the quality of decisions. Disagreements and misunderstanding bring teams together. These statements may not sound conventional, but in the real world and work environment, paradoxes can become truth. Avoiding conflict can be a terrible mistake. Learn the difference between "Do-Gooders" and "Feel-Gooders" and learn the secret to use conflict as a tool to foster relationships and tackle tasks together.

The Hope Diamond®: 4 Points to Being Successful Everyday

Finding yourself saying "I Hope..." is not entirely a bad thing. After all, HOPE is good! Things appear to be fairly bleak when hopelessness sets in. You will learn the 4 Points to Being an Everyday Success and the proper ways to utilize these skills. Learn how to Plan, Allocate, Execute, and Measure and Refine any aspect of your life so you find yourself saying "I Will..." rather than "I Hope." This is your action plan!

Harnessing the Power of Recognition

We all need recognition, whether it's a reward or appreciation. That's what encourages us to keep striving and trying to better ourselves personally and professionally. Recognition is an emotional topic, especially if you have ever felt cheated of a reward or credit due. Learn approaches to giving and earning recognition, as well as creating a plan for reward and appreciation. Your colleagues and teammates will thank you!

Cracking the Code: Creating Your Personal & Professional Code of Conduct

We have all been subject to codes of conduct for years. In grade school we were expected to be on time, play fair, share, and pay attention. That was a code of conduct. Explicitly stated or not, the code of conduct fostered order, productive interaction, and constant self-improvement. You will learn the importance and advantages of both a personal and professional code of conduct, and how to create a unique code specific to yourself and your work team.

Wielding Power & Influence in Your Own Life

The title may bring negative connotations of frustrating corporate politics, but you may throw those thoughts out the window! Power is positive. Power is energy. Power makes things happen. At times, you may need the ability to sway management, sell customers, change your boundaries, achieve your goals, or implement an action plan. Learn how to harness these skills to positively influence your life!

Capitalizing on the Strength of Individual Differences*

Dealing with individual differences has always been a challenge. You may find yourself asking "Why can't everyone behave normally?" The challenge is realizing that most people are behaving normally; it is just that their normal isn't quite the same as yours. In this course, you will learn how very much alike we all are and how our differences can make a group more effective than you ever imagined.

Mastering the Art of Personal and Professional Effectiveness

In today's fast-paced world, the behavior of other people has a more immediate effect on you. As a result, self-improvement needs to be constant and ongoing; feedback then becomes even more critical. This is good news. By mastering the skills of giving and receiving feedback, you can carry yourself to new heights of personal and professional effectiveness!

Mastering the Skill of High Quality Decision Making

Discover the Four Methods to Effective Decision Making as a team or an individual. Learn when to use the appropriate method depending on the challenges you are facing in the moment. You will also learn how to recognize ineffective decision making, and turn it into a positive experience for all involved.

*The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® or Keirsey Temperament Sorter® may be used to facilitate this session.