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Our Services

There is nothing about Progress USA that suggests 'business as usual'. We bring fresh ideas, proven strategies, and outstanding success stories in all facets of the healthcare industry. Our services allow our clients to achieve success by orchestrating a paradigm shift that realigns you with your true mission and enables you to navigate obstacles by developing personalized strategies that work for you and your organization as a whole.

At Progress you will deal with our top management team. All are highly skilled professionals with a proven track record of creating success. Their goal is to work closely with each client providing comprehensive resources and creating real solutions for the issues you are facing daily. We do not believe in quick fixes. Progress is here to stay, and we will be here to support you and your practice with fresh ideas as well as strategies that we have proven to be successful. There are no one-size-fits-all business plans or solutions. At Progress, we invest in client relationships and genuinely care about your success.

Vitality Check-up®

How healthy is your practice? A surprising number of medical practices have difficultly answering this question. Today there is ever increasing stress caused by insurance contract negotiations, payor mix, liability insurance premiums, employee issues, regulatory compliance, and the list goes on and on. Progress USA has developed a Practice Vitality Check-up® designed to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your practice. We will review your specific goals and expectations and offer concrete approaches and actions to make sure they are being met. Each Practice Vitality Check-up® will:
  • Assess your practice to determine what is limiting your efficiency, productivity, and profitability.
  • Provide you with a personal one-on-one evaluation of your practice's organization, operations, HR, and compensation structures.
  • Recommend ways to improve administrative, clinical, and provider performance while maintaining work/life balance.
  • Identify potential threats and recommendations for emergency recovery should a disaster occur.
  • Identify potential opportunities for incremental revenue sources.
  • Examine processes and procedures for adherence to regulatory requirements.

Call or email today to begin your checkup and make your practice as healthy as your patients.

Organizational Consulting/Management

Our team knows how difficult it is to make effective changes while being true to your original mission and vision. We offer a unique perspective and creative solutions that are proven effective for "best practices." What separates Progress USA from the rest is a commitment to see the plan through, offering as much assistance as needed. There will never be a handshake and "Best of luck" send off. We are committed to providing tailored services to allow you to have a healthy practice and keep it that way.

No two practices are alike; we honor that individuality and will spend time understanding your vision and goals, and help to make your dreams become a reality.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Internal Assessment of Operations & Financials
  • Development or Restructuring of Business Plan
  • Environmental Market Assessment & Marketing Plan
  • Provider Compensation Analysis

New Business Development

Developing an idea into a fully operational entity is a complex task; you don't need to do it alone! Progress USA enables people and organizations to realize their dreams and aspirations. This may take the form of either starting a business or enhancing one that is already in existence. From writing a business plan, staffing and marketing, training and development, executive level reporting and everything in between, Progress will share best-practice knowledge and an innovative skill-set that will set your business apart from the rest!

PUSA also offers ongoing operations, executive level management services, and full office staffing services include but are not limited to:

  • Strategic and Marketing Planning
  • Optimum Space Utilization and Facility Design
  • Physician/Provider Recruitment
  • Electronic Health Records/Practice Management software Implementation

Horizons Unlimited®... Insider Training

Progress USA, Inc. is a Raleigh based business and transformational development firm. We are in the business of management, and know firsthand what it takes to succeed in the Triangle area. We have created and facilitated the Horizons Unlimited® programs with a proven record of corporate success. This is not just theory – but evidence-based, best practices.

The Horizons Unlimited® Training Program is designed and based on methods, materials, and processes that have repeatedly produced highly effective solutions. Until recently, these training sessions were only available to select Fortune 500 companies. We are delighted to have the opportunity to make them available and affordable for all companies, organizations and individuals in the greater Triangle Region.

Due to the breadth and scope of Progress USA's resources and experience, we are in a unique position to make these outstanding training programs available to mid-sized companies, organizations, individuals, and medical practices. This creates a competitive advantage for you and your organization. Our material is designed to allow all participants to apply their learning experience to everyday, real-world situations and see results! We monitor the training industry, always seeking new instruments and approaches to assure a meaningful and enjoyable learning experience.Our courses are short, focused and flexible; using methods, materials, and processes that have repeatedly produced highly effective solutions.

Progress USA, Inc. has a deep commitment to fostering growth and wellness in our community and with those we serve. To that end, we provide smaller classes at our Educational Training Center, which individuals may sign up for at their convenience. Our corporate training sessions are delivered onsite, at a time convenient for you and your staff. Each session is tailored to meet the needs of the particular audience.

Horizons Unlimited® seminars are distilled to the essential ideas of each theme. We then create a laser sharp focus to the learning message. This unique approach allows information to be customized around real-time schedules and real-life current struggles.

Our trainer is world-class and we are delighted to have the opportunity to have him available in the Raleigh area. His unparalleled business expertise, coupled with an unforgettable teaching style, will leave no one disappointed!

Click here for course descriptions and further information:
- Training for my staff
- Training for myself

Medical Practice Immersion Program

A full service practice immersion program for new and existing medical practices. Included in the package is an on-site Practice Vitality Check-up® of your practice, followed by a two or three day 'best practices' immersion training located in Raleigh, NC. Participants can expect to learn the skills and tools to design and implement a new practice or reinvent and refine an existing one. Each LED program includes:

  • Vitality Check-up® - We've developed a comprehensive program to help practices gain perspective on where they are. We focus on appropriate Key Success Factors and the right balance.
  • Practice Immersion - A two or three day on-site visit in our Raleigh Best Practices Environment. Sessions include: Clinical Program Overview, MD Insights to having a successful practice, Key Success Factors & Process Elements, Establishing Benchmarks, Goals, Objectives, & Measurements, Business Planning & Practice Launch Considerations, Top 10 Myths and Misses for Medical Practices, and many more.
  • Ongoing Coaching Program - An optional program designed to ensure ongoing support and guidance geared to dramatically increase the probability of success. Continued support and mentoring is available to keep things on track.
  • Optional Support & Services - Additional services offered include Program Designs, Templates, Scripts, Benchmarks/Ratios, Brochures & Collaterals, Program Implementation Assistance, Run Books, etc. Each service is offered at a nominal fee established on an individual client basis.

Staff Placement and Management

Progress USA currently employs nearly 100 experienced individuals placed within our client's organizations. We are able to place trained and knowledgeable members within any medical facility. Our employees are managed by Progress USA managers and range from administrative talent to allied health providers.

Our Clients

Progress USA, Inc. has extensive experience with organizational development within the healthcare industry. We pride ourselves in the ability to see each client and situation as a unique entity, and we tailor our approach to meet those individual needs. While we do not attempt to replicate one client's solution to address another client's problem, the following are representative of some of the organizations we have worked with:
  • WakeMed Health & Hospitals
  • Onslow Memorial Hospital
  • Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Associates, PLLC
  • North Wake ENT
  • Preston Medical Group, PLLC
  • Progress Physical Therapy and Wellness Centers
  • Wake Orthopaedics, LLC
  • Cary Surgical Specialists, P.C.
  • Kernodle Clinic
  • Jeffers & Mann Pediatrics, P.A.
  • Cooperación Ortopédica Americano Nicargüense
  • North Hills Internal Medicine
  • Bariatric Specialists of North Carolina
  • Surgical Specialists of North Carolina
  • Cary Orthopaedics, P.A.
  • Advanced Laparoscopic Associates, P.C.
    • DBA The Raleigh Center for Weight Loss Surgery
  • Progress Weight Loss Surgery, P.C.
  • Hundreds of MDs and other Providers