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Training for My Staff
Sending your team out for a day of training may not be an option. That is why we have developed a succinct training program that we are able to deliver to you, tailored to your specific needs, at a time that's convenient for you. Be it before the office opens, at lunch, right after work – On your time.

Our seminars combine industry 'best practices' with Progress USA's commitment to continual personal and professional improvement.

Horizons Unlimited® (HU®) is a series of short, focused, modular training sessions designed to be experienced individually or collectively. We provide training on topics such as conflict resolution, role clarification, and problem solving; when and where you need it. We often use the issues that prompted the training as a test of your new skills. Challenging situations often require quick attention while allowing your business to continue at full pace.

Every organization has a unique personality, mission, and vision of how things should be done. Horizons Unlimited® supports individuality and applies achievable solutions to your specific issues and/or goals.

With Horizons Unlimited® you have the flexibility to select modules based on your needs and preferences; we offer a full spectrum of group development and training modules.

We can recommend training packages relevant to your specific needs. For example, if you are in the initial set-up phase of your organization, we may suggest stepping though the courses in a certain order. If your group is already established, you may wish to focus on issues that are critical for you at this time. These might include sessions pertaining to Decision Making, Competitive Conflict, Authority and Control, or Code of Behavior.

Recommended courses for established groups include: Making Meetings Work for You, Building Trust & Respect in Every Relationship, or Capitalizing on the Strength of Individual Differences.

There are many ways to approach training. There is no "one-size-fits-all" training program; therefore, our goal is to find the best solution for your organization, at any given point. In an effort to help directors and managers formulate an effective training scenario for their team(s), we have bundled select courses, in a manner that many companies have found useful.

Courses may be selected individually or purchase a bundled package. Our goal is to make training available and affordable for all companies, organizations, and individuals in the greater Triangle Region. For this reason, we are able to offer training to a group of up to seven people for $500; please call for additional pricing options.

Phase One Courses: Setting-up

Better Understanding of Others I
Setting a Code of Behavior
Using Conflict to Foster Productive Relationships
Creating a Common Purpose: Achieving Extraordinary Teamwork
Group Assessment

Phase Two Courses: Building

Using Conflict to Foster Productive Relationships
Better Understanding of Others II
Sandbox 101: Authority & Control
The Hope Diamond: 4 Points to Being Successful Every Day
Mastering the Skill of Making High Quality Decisions

Phase Three Courses: Working

Defining Problems
Building Trust and Respect in Every Relationship
Making Meetings Work for You
Individual Assessment
Celebration and Growth

For our complete list of courses, please click here